Workshop Sessions of Culinary



SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (SEAMEO RECFON) (TBC)

Workshop Coordinator

1. Johan Norman Prayogi , Trainer/Chef (SMK Metland School)

2. Taufik Hidayat , Trainer/Chef (SMK Metland School)

3. Listiowati , Pastry Chef (SMK Metland School)

Training Schedule

10 April - 10 May 2019 (Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10.00 to 12.00 hrs)


SMK Metland School


As one of the promising fields of business, the culinary field has become something that always  being developed starting from the modification of the main ingredients, cooking techniques, food presentations, etc. Through this online training course, the participants will learn about the current culinary business trends, and get experience about planning a culinary business.


3 Teachers, 7 Students

Submission of Final Project

By 30 June 2019 (TBC)


Workshop Detail


Summary of Participants


Session Date & Time Topic Presenter Materials
Webex Room

 10 April 2019

at 10.00 (Wed)

   Course Orientation

Profile Chef Listiawati

How to make "Pindang Patin"

 Chef Johan, Chef Taufik


Chef Lis

Materials  Video

Meeting Number: 570 934 734

Password: 1234




 16 April 2019

at 10.00 (Tue)

 Nasi Bakar Cakalang Rabeh  Chef Taufik Materials  Video

 17 April 2019

at 10.00 (Wed)

 Pukis Pandan

Indonesia Election Day

 Chef Lis Materials  Video

 30 April 2019

at 10.00 (Tue)

 Lumpia Semarang  Chef Johan Materials  Video
 5  To be advised     Materials  Video
 6  To be advised     Materials  Video
 7       Materials  Video

 (The last day should not belonger

than 31 of May)

    Materials  Video
 9  1-30 June 2019 (TBC)

 Development of Final

Project by Students

  Materials  Video
 10  By 30 June 2019 (TBC)

 Submission of Final

Project Assignment

  Materials  Video